Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Prepared for the Future...

Greetings again.

Dang. Now i know what Issac must have felt like. Last night's episode (two nights ago if your Canadian, eh?) was amazing and although we haven't had any additional ARG material it answered a number of questions. If you haven't seen it then first of all SHAME ON YOU!! and secondly, stop reading.

Seriously, some spoilers coming up.

Last chance.

Okay, you asked for it...

The significance of Oct. 4th is as many people suspected. This was the date Future Hiro returned to the subway to utter those famous words, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World."

The traitor is "Nathan" but not as many people thought. Sylar it seems was able to take Candice's power and assume the role of the 'President.' More importantly however, we learned that Peter is in fact, the bomb. In a very real sense. This leads to a whole new problem, especially when we consider that Hiro has returned from the future with the agenda of stopping Sylar who will change the future... but not stop the bomb... scary.

So many people die in the future. I propose a moment of silence for the fallen. For DL. For Micah. For Hana. Nathan. Ando. Claire. Future Hiro. The Haitian.

Fear not fallen brothers and sisters, Have faith. The Future will be saved, it must be.

From the ashes,

p.s. looks like we are done hearing from Future Hiro... Hiro's blog is back to present hiro.


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