Monday, February 26, 2007

A preview of Mr. Linderman's archives is online... has the link..

Hana sent out a new message this week:

"Our first plan has gone into effect. Let's get together to observe. Go online to: before 9:00 PM tonight."

The blog has a link to the Heroes 2screen on

I hope she communicates tonight... and less hand-holding occurs. And this ARG will continue past tonight's episode entitled "Company Man" and is basically an HRG episode (but Matt's storyline progresses, as does Claire's)...

An alternative title for the episode?

Behind the Glasses

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weeks 3 and 4

Yeah, I know... I didn't update last week.

So you get 2 weeks worth of updates in this entry :)

At some point (I'll research to find out when it was) Hana slipped us Ted's (file #3) password: TSntz14b

In Ted's profile, it was confirmed that Matt was file #2.

On Feb 7:

from 46622 (unprompted text message):

"reply HANA. i'll be listening."

Reply sent.

"Any leads or ideas about who theis Primatech Paper or Bennet guy really are? Snd a txt beginning with LISTEN. Will post best stuff to"

Reply sent.

"Hey, thx. There might b something in there I can use. is the place to follow up with me."

No updates were made to Hana's Blog.

On Feb 12, 6pm CST:

From 46622 (unprompted text message):

"Last file 4 a while. Go 2, find helix. Same place as b4. Usrnme: bennet pwrd: claire. Matt's code: MPggtn75x Rembr: Usrnme always bennet"

Another unprompted text message from 46622, sent at 7pm CST:

"Got Bennet's access code! Call 1-800-PRIMA16. Entr: 42307#. Tell em u r on 2 him. Just dn't say wht we're up 2. VMs may be mde public @"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Week 2...

Week 2 of 360 and we're given a little glimpse of what HRG does all day...

Or something along those lines, anyway. :)

Seen on the PP WAP site, when trying to apply for a job (where previous "give me a week" message was):
"I'm in and u shud b 2 Go online to when you get home. Find helix on About Us page. Username: bennet. Password: claire. Get to know them thru me. HGghx11a. Talk again soon."

Besides the fact that it's and not, this was a fairly straightforward command.

On's About page, when you moved your mouse over the Primatech logo, a helix appeared on the P (good eye to a fellow 9th Wonderer.. who thought the flag squiggle looked like the helix). Clicking the helix brought you to a login screen.

Enter username "bennet" and password "claire"

Unlike on the job application page, this password box is controlled via a .htaccess page, which we are unable to view from the webserver, as that file is contained in a directory and is referenced in addition to the index file...

Clicking enter brings us to an Assignment Tracker, and we see 4 IDs as subfolders of a main folder. Clicking on the first one, with a female portrait, gave us another login box.

Try the bennet/claire combo, and it doesn't work.

Hana gave us a clue... HGghx11a. Try bennet/HGghx11a

Look around Hana's file, check the documents, images, etc. Now let's try another profile.

Neither the bennet/claire combo nor the bennet/HGghx11a combo work on any other profiles...

On Hana's profile, did you notice there are certain highlighted letters?

Make note of these letters, left ot right, top to bottom, and note their case.

Try this combination of letters and numbers as the password on the other profiles... You should be able to get into profile 4. This is Sylar's profile.

On the passwords, HGghx11a - the HG is Hana Gitelman; GGeh81zu - the GG is Gabriel Gray.

This is as far as the site has gone so far...

Last Text Message from Wireless:
"Did you get into Sylar's file 2? I left u cluz how. If not, here's the pswrd: GGeh81zu. Not always going to b this ez."